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I am a Test Specialist with (hands on, automated, coaching and management) experience in the field of Software Testing (from Unit Testing up to Production Testing). I have been working as a field manager in Engineering (Oracle & Java) and Business Intelligence. Based on this experience I am able to understand and support the full extend of the Application Lifecycle within all sorts of companies.

As a coach and trainer I am licensed to deliver Insights Discovery profiles to your employees and guide them in their personal development. 

Next to this I provide workshops at conferences and customers on topics like Automation in Testing, Presentation skills and Automation in Testing Readiness. I am proud to call myself an international speaker.


Automation in Testing

Robotic Process Automation

Oracle ATS



Tricentis Tosca


Micro Focus ALM (MQC/QTP)


Test Coordination

Test Management

Business Unit Management

Personal Coaching

Soft Skill Training

Anker 2
Test Coordinator
​January 2023 - present day

As Test Coordinator, responsible for the largest project within the municipality of Utrecht, where a five-layer case-oriented product based on Common Ground is realized in Scrum/Agile using Azure DevOps. Tasks include initiating the FAT, supervising the UAT, writing test plans, test scripts and test reports and setting up/setting up automation in testing. In addition, also acting as Release Manager for Acceptance and Production deliveries. 

Lead Test Manager
​August 2022 - January 2023

As the Lead Test Manager, responsible for setting up a quality improvement and test enhancement process, in order to improve the product and work closely with the main international customer and their own customers (mutlinational companies), until new customers will be added. Setting up a new team on Functional Acceptance Testing, improving the Defect Management process and Training.

Test Manager
​December 2021 - July 2022

As Test Manager responsible for a large testteam (20+) assessing the quality of an application, supplied by an international Systems Integrator, which will replace the current reporting system within the judiciary system. The team is involved with Functional Acceptance Testing, Chain Integration Testing, Performance Testing (using JMeter and LoadGen), Regression Testing using Automation (Katalon) and User Acceptance Testing.

Test Manager

​June 2017 - February 2020

As a Test Manager, I supervised several projects, whereby the renewed Learning Management System and the first set-up for an improved Electronic Monitoring fill the largest part of this assignment. Activities such as making test plans, arranging resources, drafting MTP’s, executing PRA’s, defining test approaches and organizing user acceptances were part of the regular tasks. Also carrying out a data flow analysis and supervising an improvement process for the data flow.

Oracle ATS Specialist

​June 2015 - June 2017

Oracle ATS Specialist and Interim Project Manager for an implementation project for Oracle ATS adding to functional testing, phasing out of MQC and increasing test coverage. The ATS implementation runs parallel to release work, a virtualization project and a Siebel / Windows Server upgrade. The tasks include making ATS scripts using OFT, the use of OLT where possible/necessary, organizing and correct usage of OTM linked to TopDesk for issue management, monitoring/improving the QA process and where desired performing the tasks of the Project Manager.

Senior Test Coordinator

July 2014 - May 2015

As a senior test coordinator responsible for the System Integration Test of the webbased side, the so called Portals. Closely working together with on/offshore partners and its own departments, implementing enhancements and greenfields in order to phase out Oracle eBS and realizing a better, faster and even more reliable service for all involved (customers, dealers and partners). 
Concerning the fusion between two companies a new SSO is being implemented; testing changes on the connected systems. On some occasions standing in for Test Management and all over charged with Issue Management for the Portals/Online parts.

Test Coordinator

December ​2012 - June 2014

For the domain Information Management in the role of Test Coordinator responsible for supervision on the OTAP process and setting up, coordinating and executing all forms of acceptance testing. This demands frequent contact with the client and the end users, which is of great importance. I participate in this role in the Project Management Team and report extensively on the project progress, meanwhile providing advice on the various release acceptance phases.

Test Manager Benelux

February ​2012 - September 2012

As Test Manager responsible for all test activities within the warehouses in the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium. Final accountability for the 6 Test Specialists who directed the tests at various customers (performing a system test and coordinating acceptance and production tests). Conducted test projects myself for KPN, Barnes&Noble, Wärtsilä and Microsoft.





Context Driven Testing

Behavior Driven Development

Test Driven Development

Risk Based Testing

Insights Discovery

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